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Facebook Marketing

Title: Facebook Marketing: Real World Tips and Tricks for Using Facebook to Market Your Small Business

Client: John Wagner

Category: Online Marketing/Entrepreneurship

Goal: Giveaway to prospective clients as lead magnet toward booking consulting services.

Description: John is a highly sought-after local marketing consultant. He reached out to us for an ebook to give away to prospective clients to boost his credibility. We created a 79 page ebook filled with the latest strategies and tactics for small businesses to market their products/services on Facebook. It was an instant hit and has helped him book well over six-figures in annual consulting revenue.

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YouTube Celebrity

Title: YouTube Celebrity Secrets: Tips and Tricks Regular People Can Use to Become Internet Famous on YouTube

Client: Michael Williams

Category: Online Marketing/Entrepreneurship

Goal: Sell

Description: Michael is a highly successful online marketer who earns over 7-figures a year selling information products such as ebooks, videos course, and membership sites. He came to us looking for an ebook to teach his members learn how to build a brand and earn money by creating and posting videos on topics they cared about. We delivered a 100+ page ebook that was sold for $97 and banked him over $100,000 in the the first 8 months of it's release.

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Simple Happiness

Title: The Simple Truth About Happiness: Living with Love in Every Area of Your Life

Client: Mary Davis

Category: Personal Development

Goal: Build credibility to grow life coaching business.

Description: Mary is a life coach who was struggling with finding new clients. She came to us for help and we recommended self-publishing an ebook to build trust in her local community. We created a 50 page ebook to help spread her message to prospective clients and it was a tremendous success! She ended up booking so many clients she had to start a waitlist for new ones on the way to becoming a leading life coach in her community.

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Intro to Dieting

Title: Intro to Dieting: How to Choose a Diet That Suits Your Lifestyle to Achieve the Results You Want

Client: Jim Mondragon

Category: Health/Fitness/Weight Loss

Goal: Sell on Amazon Kindle to earn passive income.

Description: Jim is a fitness expert and dietitian who came to us with an idea for creating an unique, beginner-friendly ebook on dieting. Combining his knowledge with our research, we created a +100 page ebook that really laid out the pros/cons of each type of diet - along with how to pick the one that suits your lifestyle. He's since published it across several online retailers and is earning a comfortable living from it without having to lift a finger!

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