Wouldn’t you love to write an eBook that will sell like hot cakes on Amazon Kindle, iBooks, and more?

Who wouldn’t? But here’s the thing. Writing an eBook is hard.

It isn’t easy to write about what your audience deeply cares about. If you’re really serious about attracting your target audience in large numbers and actually persuading them to buy your eBook, you must be very careful about every single aspect of it.

It takes time to write a book. You may have a great idea, but you may not have the time to sit down and put your thoughts to paper. Perhaps you’re not confident about your writing skills and you do not want to risk writing a book on your own. Fortunately, eBook writing can be delegated to skilled ghostwriters. Professional eBook writers can write about pretty much anything under the sun, just the way you want it.

How Can You Create A Great eBook?

Hiring an eBook writer is the easiest way to go about writing an eBook. But there are many other things that go into the making of a book that your audience will love.

1. Pick the right topic

You probably already have some idea about the topic, but are you sure that it is something that your audience will buy? No matter how interesting and idea may seem to you, if it isn’t something that appeals to the audience, the time and effort that go into producing an eBook would be wasted. And this is not a worthwhile risk.

You need a very specific and useful idea that is guaranteed to appeal to your target audience. Ask your audience about their problems to generate ideas.

2. Create an outline

There is no one best approach to creating an outline, just do what works best for you. Once you create an outline, you can send it to the eBook writer. Here are a couple of approaches to creating an outline.

  • Write a simple bullet point list -Make a bullet point list for everything that you think must be covered in the book. Don’t worry about making it perfect. At this point, your priority is to generate as much ideas as possible.
  • Create a mind map – A mind map is a great way to create meaningful outlines. Put the main idea in the middle of the mind map, and branch out to other topics. Draw lines between the topics to visualize the interconnection and logical structure. Write down everything at first. You can pare it down later.

3. Start writing

If you want to write your own eBook, this is when you start writing. The majority of the time in creating an eBook must be spent on actually writing it.

If you’re attempting to write on your own, keep a target word count for every day. The standard word count for one page of content in an eBook is about 250 words. If you can get three pages, or 750 words, written in one day, in about a month’s time you should be the proud owner of your own eBook.

Let Us Do It For You

When the life intervenes, you may not have enough time to dedicate to 3 pages every day. You may want the eBook to be done within just a few days. If that is the case, hire an eBook writer who has the ability to do an exceptional job.

Our American eBook writers are published authors, rock star freelancers, and journalism majors. They are all devoted to creating extraordinary content for you. We also assign a dedicated editor for every project to ensure that your book would be completely free of spelling, grammar, or formatting errors.

Get in touch with us right away to find out how you can get your own eBook and start making money.