Should I Self-Publish My Ebook With or Without an Ebook Writing Service?

You have a great idea or concept for an ebook that you believe will draw new and lasting clients, customers, or donors to your small business or organization. You want to get it published as soon as possible without too much hassle or frustration so you can start making money right away. You can already picture your ebook being sold on Kindles, iBooks, and Nooks and downloaded in the devices of prospective customers. You’re excited about establishing authority and credibility in your niche while giving future customers and clients what they want to keep them coming back to your business for more.

How do you know where to start? Should you self-publish your ebook on your own or hire an ebook writing service? If you’re unsure about which route is best for you, then read this break down of self-publishing your ebook alone vs. hiring an ebook writing service. 

5 Facts About Self-Publishing Your Ebook Alone
  1. You can start right away.

Self-publishing an ebook is relatively simple because you don’t have to go through the tedious and time-consuming process of pitching your proposal to a literary agent or publisher. The time frame for self-publishing your ebook depends entirely on you and how quickly you’re willing to work. Furthermore, self-publishing an ebook is not only easy, but also affordable and sometimes costs nothing depending on the format you use for your ebook.

  1. You need to create great content.

Millions of ebooks flood the market, and the last thing you want is for yours to be stuck somewhere behind the ebooks of competitors in your field. This means you need to create a top-notch ebook with great information that people find useful. You want to make sure you’ve done all the necessary research, provided the important statistics, or written text that compels your readers to act, namely do business with you and recommend you to their family and friends.

Potential customers won’t flock to your ebook if they feel it’s inadequate or written in a tone that turns them away to browse for other options. Most readers only need to read the first few sentences before making a verdict of keep or pass. Your goal is to create an ebook readers find impressive and want to share with others.

  1. You need to choose the proper format for your ebook.

Ebooks can be published in a variety of formats. The most common of these formats include Portable Document Formats or PDFs, Electronic Publication (EPUB), and propriety format from third party publishers like Amazon.

PDFs are the easiest of three formats and can be made quickly and easily using the Adobe software. This format is best for putting your ebook on your website where it can be downloaded to any platform: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, etc. Computers, tablets, and smartphones can all read PDFs.

The EPUB format is for ebook devices such as Amazon Kindle, Nooks, Ipads, Sony Reader, and smartphones. Amazon also has its own ebook format specialized for its Kindle.

  1. You have to do all the work. 

Not only do you have to write your ebook, you must also edit and proofread it, pick the right font and design for the title and cover respectively, and properly format the text and graphics for a clean professional look. You’re responsible for all the steps in the production and publication of your ebook.

This might be a challenge for those who unsure or unfamiliar about how to create great cover designs or choose the right pictures for their ebooks. This may be where finding outside help is the easiest way to go to produce the ebook showing the best your business and brand has to offer.

4 Facts about Hiring an Ebook Writing Service
  1. You can start right away.

Hiring an ebook writing service takes any complexity accompanying the creation of your ebook. You work professional ewriters who essentially craft your ebook and get it ready for publication right away. Most of the hurdles you encounter when going about creating an ebook on your own disappear, and you save more time from start to finish.

  1. You don’t have to worry about creating great content.

When working with professional ewriters, you can forget any worries you may have about producing an ebook with amazing content. The vital research, stats, or other important facts won’t be missing in the final product. You still have control over the ebook. You have the final say as you look over the content before sending it live to the world.

  1. You receive help in choosing a great cover design.

Your ebook cover can be the one thing that lures potential customers to check out and eventually buy your ebook or turn them away and leave your ebook in limbo with lackluster sales or very few clicks. Therefore, you know can’t underestimate the benefits associated with an appealing cover design. Ebook writing services have ready-made templates, designs, and graphics that simplify the process of creating an attractive cover for your ebook and filling it with high quality graphics 

  1. You get everything required for your ebook all at once.

If convenience is high on your list of priorities in the publication of your ebook, then hiring an ebook writing service should be right below it. You might dread the thought of hiring separate individual services to format your ebook, create a stunning cover design, edit and proofread your text, or prepare your ebook for publication on the different platforms. With an ebook writing service, you get all these different processes completed all at once.

Self-publishing an ebook is both an easy and complex venture, especially if you decide to go about it on your own. If you believe you need help standing out in the sea of ebooks out in the market, it might serve you better to seek an ebook writing service to publish your ebook. Doing so works best for authors who don’t have the time to figure out to create an ebook, properly format and design it, and get it ready for publication.

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